City Mastic Asphalt offer a full range of Pacopatch solutions.


Pacopatch is a long term cost effective solution for the repairing of potholes, ironwork reinstatements along with a solution to seal seams between road surfaces.

Pacopatch is a polymer modified mastic asphalt permanent reinstatement system primarily designed for use around manholes and other street ironworks. The system comprises the placing of quality assured factory manufactured mastic asphalt bricks (to BS1447:1998 incorporating 45% recycled coarse aggregate) into a layer of polymer modified mastic asphalt grout.

The process is completed by backfilling with additional grout to produce a voidless, impermeable, monolithic and permanent reinstatement, which can be completed in a variety of surface finishes.

Pacopatch requires no compacting as it is applied by hand float which enables applicators to economically patch even very small irregular areas.  It is a one off application, which produces a permanent reinstatement requiring no temporary measures or subsequent repair visits.

The Opportunity

During this period of austerity where budgets are tight Pacopatch is an ideal method for local councils to use as a solution to address potholes and holes around ironworks.

Pacopatch® is a proven solution with over 200,000 completions in the UK to date.

So Why Use Pacopatch?

The commercial case and benefits for Pacopatch®

  • No need for compaction equipment as every site is voidless, meaning there is no need for any secondary compaction which is a principal cause of premature failure

  • Small load premiums are immediately eliminated – Pacopatch® is prepared on site meaning we only use the required amount for the specific job

  • The time and cost implications of tarmac collection also disappear
  • The road engineer now has a choice of finish when using a warmed voidless approach with highly adaptable Pacopatch®
  • First time permanent results eliminate the need for subsequent visits
  • 15 years of visual evidence where sites remain as good as they were when first laid
  • New surfaces can be laid on or into existing Pacopatch®
  • Pacopatch® being compaction free offers scope to achieve more completions in a shift
  • Larger scale surfacing operations use Pacopatch® to systematically lift ironworks to a level after laying (this reduces costs as there is no need for a secondary visit to address ironwork)
  • Comes with a 5 year material warranty
  • Can be trafficked within an hour of completion
  • More durable product and lasts longer than macadam saving ratepayer’s money
  • Pacopatch® is unaffected by water or frost